In consideration of any charter reservation, Always For Sail LLC agrees to reserve the vessel Charley’s First and to contract captain and crew.

You will be required to sign a release on behalf of your party when you arrive. You can download a copy of the release here. Feel free to bring it with you pre-signed or sign one at our docks. Only one release is required for the entire party. The Captain may return the boat to port early or later than scheduled due to unsafe weather for the safety of all. We are licensed to carry SIX (6) passengers. Children and adults, whatever age or size, are considered a passenger according to the US Coast Guard.

Fees for cancelling or rescheduling

Always For Sail LLC reserves the right to change without notice sailing times and itineraries or cancel any charter due to unsafe weather predictions, vessel repairs or break downs or because of unforeseen emergencies of any type. Should the captain cancel the charter for any reason, we will be happy to reschedule your charter for another date and time. If another date can not be arranged we will issue you a full refund.

Charter fees are deemed earned upon placing a hold for desired date and time by booking the charter. Charter’s requests for rescheduling or cancellation will be subject to a rescheduling or cancellation fee as follows:

Fees for rescheduling charter by the charter guest

14 days or more prior to sail: $0

Within 14 days prior to sail: $50

Within 24 hours prior to sail: $100

If you are redeeming a gift certificate and you cancel the charter at any time you will forfeit your gift certificate. You are considered a no show if you are 30 minutes late prior to the scheduled time of departure and you will forfeit the entire amount of your charter. If you are redeeming a gift certificate and are a no show you will forfeit your gift certificate.


Gratuities are much appreciative and are standard in this industry for your captain and crew and accounts for a substantial portion of their salary – typically between 15 -20% + or more based on the level of service you have received.

Personal items

Soft sided padded coolers are preferred. Beer must be in plastic or aluminum cans. Please do not bring glass containers of any type, such as bottled beer, drinking glasses, etc. Glass breaks when the sailboat is a-rockin’! You may bring bottled wine or champagne – we will stow it in the galley. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes is allowed on deck, but not down below. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited by law and if boarded by the Coast Guard you will go to jail (because we’ll report you!).  If Captain and/or Crew believe you are creating an unsafe sailing situation due to extreme intoxication or failure to comply with safety requests, the sailboat will be returned to dock immediately without a refund.


Children 10 years of age and younger will be required to wear a personal flotation device while walking around the deck. Children are not required to wear a PFD below decks. Parents, please keep a mindful eye on your little ones at all times. Damages caused by unattended children will be charged to your credit card.

Please do not wear shoes with dark soles. Wear only white soles, or non- marking soles – or just come barefoot, that’s what we do. No heels of any type please.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are non-refundable yet fully transferable and expire one year after date of purchase. Gift certificates are subject to black out periods and holiday restrictions.

Photography Release

From time to time, photos of our charter guests are taken by our crew. Upon request, photos are made available to our charter guests. Captured photos of our guests during the charter may also be used for company advertisements or for marketing purposes. Unless otherwise instructed, I hereby grant Always For Sail, LLC and their legal representatives and assigns the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and to publish photographs of me and all members in my party. I hereby release photographer and his or her legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.


I have read and agree to above and sign this of my own free will and desire. It is my intention that paying for and showing up to the charter is legally binding signature.

We will let you know if your charter will be canceled.