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Size Matters

I’m sure you’ve probably heard otherwise but, truth be known, those saying as much are usually those possessing smaller ones, right? Well, I’m here to testify when it comes to that motion in the ocean and chartering a relaxing cruise, size definitely does matter!
It’s a physics thing. What kind of automobile gives the best ride, a big one right? They have more mass, better able to dissipate the effect of bothersome road thingies like potholes, speed bumps, and the like before they reach your comfy seat. Lighter, roller-skate-sized automobiles residing at the skinny end of the comfort zone can’t say the same. Same applies to aircraft. Why? Cuz those bigger planes handle turbulence a whole bunch better than little ones. Simply put, bigger is better a.k.a. Size Matters!
And while we’re on the subject, the same holds true regarding watercraft. Example; jet skis jump waves, ships plough through them. Simply stated, the bigger and heavier the boat, the more comfortable the ride…period.
The bigger boat provides that gentle, cradle rocking motion only a large vessel can provide.
Our flagship vessel, Charley’s First, is a 51 foot, center cockpit, sailing vessel weighing in at a considerable 50,000 pounds (approx.). As you might imagine, it takes a rather good-sized water event to have much more than a minimal effect onboard.
You’ll be delighted to find that Charley’s First transforms what would be less than comfortable conditions for a smaller craft into a lovey, relaxing, soothing experience whether chartering a harbor or open ocean cruise.
While having an expert, attentive Alwaysforsail crew on board to guarantee your satisfaction goes a long way to achieving sailing Nirvana, the single most important fact to remember when choosing a boat to charter is…yep, you guessed it…
Size Matters!

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on Aug 12, 2016

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