Sailboat vs Powerboat Charters…. Decisions, decisions

Good question and the answer depends on what you want to get out of a charter.


First, let’s look at some fundamentals. Powerboats force their way through the underlying aquatic environment via a motor driven propeller churning and chewing as it goes. Heads up Flipper, cuz a close encounter with one these things doesn’t end well for you or any of your swimmy friends at all!
Moving on, the continual rumble and grumble of the engine(s) as the Captain throttles up and down the decibel chart maneuvering his craft throughout the entire trip is a predominate feature of motor charters. You’ll likely get used to that as well as the heady perfume of exhaust flowing continually into the atmosphere. For reasons I cannot explain, some Motor-heads seem to find the acrid engine exhaust more agreeable than the fresh salt air one breathes when sailing. To each his/her own I suppose.
Then there are those who resonate with the vibration created by the fire breathing behemoth grumbling somewhere down below deck(s). Of course, you can still enjoy conversations with your friends while motor cruising if you don’t mind speaking a little…OK, a lot…louder than usual and repeating your message a few times. I’m sure there’s a study out there somewhere verifying the most often used English word on powerboats is WHAAAAT? But I could be wrong….but I’m probably not.

Sailboats, on the other hand, are more at one with the environment, so to speak. True enough, a motor moves the boat off the dock and allows safe maneuvering in tight situations. For the most part though, there’s no menacing blades chopping and slashing at the denizens of the deep, no noxious nostril-burning fumes continually contaminating the air/water, no oil slicks or tsunami-sized wakes trailing behind the hull, no loud-fuel-guzzling grumbles. There’s only a fresh salt breeze filling sail, whispering softly as it caresses rigging and passenger alike, reassuring all aboard that things are as they should be; in harmony with the surrounding environment.
If sailing off shore, one experiences the rhythm of this planet we call home. You can’t help becoming more aware, yet more humble in the presence of the sea. You instantly become a living, integral part of Mother Ocean, more aware, adding dimension to your perspective and understanding pertaining to the part you play amongst the millions of moving parts equaling the whole. With wind in one hand and current in the other, you benignly manipulate Mother Earth’s veritable life force to energize your journey just as mariners have done since time began.
So there you have it; enough information to make an informed decision based on your preferences.
Author’s note: Of course, every effort was made to present as fair a comparison as possible based on undeniable facts with no bias whatsoever….
OK. Maybe there was a just a tiny bit of bias…
Right then…maybe there was just a tad more than a tiny bit…
Alright!! You’d have to be out of your mind to choose motoring over sailing. There it is. Blatant, unadulterated bias. I feel better now….
Now you can make up your own mind…just choose sailing…please…I’ll be your best friend….the dolphin will love you…really. You might see Nemo…

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on Jul 14, 2016

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