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Size Matters

I’m sure you’ve probably heard otherwise but, truth be known, those saying as much are usually those possessing smaller ones, right? Well, I’m here to testify when it comes to that motion in the ocean and chartering a relaxing cruise, size definitely does matter! It’s a physics thing. What kind of automobile gives the best […]


Sailboat vs Powerboat Charters…. Decisions, decisions

Good question and the answer depends on what you want to get out of a charter. Powerboats: First, let’s look at some fundamentals. Powerboats force their way through the underlying aquatic environment via a motor driven propeller churning and chewing as it goes. Heads up Flipper, cuz a close encounter with one these things doesn’t […]

When Do Dolphins Sleep?

We get to see lots of dolphin activity in and around Salt Run where Charley’s First is docked or when sailing in and off shore. It occurred to me that these intelligent creatures have to rest at some point, so I started looking for answers to the question, When Do Dolphins Sleep and boy was […]

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